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Business Travel Tips

Transcontinental Airline Trends: Exciting Ways to Travel for Business

When we travel for business, saving money is often of paramount importance. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always equate with a comfortable or exciting experience. Luckily, some organizations are focusing on making transcontinental business travel a more engaging– and even lavish–experience. Icelandair’s Stopover Buddy program, American Airlines’ Flagship Lounge, and JetBlue’s new Mint service are three diverse […]

What Business Travelers Need to Know About Zika

Concerns about the Zika virus continue to grow. In February of this year, members of the World Health Organization declared Zika a public health emergency of international concern. While the virus was discovered almost 70 years ago, and outbreaks have been recorded in the past, scientists are learning more about Zika, with evidence mounting that […]

5 Best Lunch Spots in Manhattan for Business Travelers

When you’re traveling to New York City for your next business trip, what better way could you find to experience a New Yorker’s life other than stopping by a food spot favored by New Yorkers? Whether you are looking for a delicious, quick power lunch or a nice place to host clients, here are five […]

Tips to Overcome Business Trip Anxiety

Though traveling across the globe is a wondrous and fulfilling experience for some, others happen to find it extremely terrifying. Whether it be the culture shock, the new places and faces, or perhaps the flight itself, anxiety plagues many travelers.Traveling for business can be especially intimidating, especially for those who don’t normally like traveling. In […]

Talking to Strangers

Do you remember your first flight? The strange noises of the plane before takeoff, that moment when the wheels hover above the ground? As a child, flights are magical; a metal bird somehow brings you to the other side of the world. Sadly, after time, flights become routine and even tedious. We pass the time […]

Planes, Trains, or Automobiles? An Inside Look at Europe’s Busiest Travel Routes

Not only a reference to the fantastic 80’s comedy starring Steve Martin, but also an intriguing question when proposed to business travelers: which is better for travel, trains or planes?   There are multiple factors that can affect the traveller’s perceptions of these modes of transportation including cost, traveling time, comfort, security, and baggage.   […]

Working Holiday in Australia

To American college graduates, the idea of “gap year”– a year dedicated to taking time off to travel- has always been a foreign concept that never really seemed like a viable option for those close to finishing up their degrees. Furthermore, the thought of moving abroad to work or even start a career is almost […]

How to Fit Fitness Into Business Trips

We all know the benefits of regular physical activity—from reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers to improving our mental health. Yet, it is hard to find the time to exercise. In fact, 2014 data from the National Center for Health Statistics shows that only 20.8% of all adults over 18 meet […]

A Business Traveler’s Guide to Maintaining a Healthy Diet

When you’re traveling out of town for work, the last thing you want to do is watch what you eat. Getting away, even if it’s for work, can put you in the mindset of saying yes to that second (or third) jelly donut in the morning. Weight gain from traveling may not only be caused […]

Business Travel and Parenting: Ideas for Staying Close to Your Kids

When Olivia Curry was traveling over 100 days a year for her work at a well-known consulting firm, she loved it.* Even after having her first child, Olivia still enjoyed traveling for work. “Most parents won’t admit this,” Olivia says, “but it’s nice to have a break from parenting—to have an adult conversation, rock your […]
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