Unleash the full power of chat with A.I.

Revolutionise your customer experience and cut call center cost in half

Start automating your customer conversations by simply routing chats to our A.I. agent Claire who either completes the task or transfers to your live agents for the finishing touch.

Claire Co-pilot

Claire Co-pilot

As a Co-pilot Claire does your agents’ groundwork so that they can fulfil their customer requests with unprecendented speed.

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Claire Co-pilot

Claire Co-pilot

Automatically Fill Case Data & Suggest Answers

1 The traveler reaches out, Claire responds instantly

As a Co-pilot Claire assists your agents in gathering all parameters from the customer. She chats with the traveler on the channel of their choice with a lightning fast response time of less than one second.

The traveler reaches out, Claire responds instantly

2 Claire suggests personalised itineraries to the agent

Based on the customer request, their preferences, travel policy and booking history Claire suggests personalised travel options to the agent.

The agent sees the customer conversation, parameters extracted and A.I. suggested itineraries. The agent can either send the itineraries right away, or choose to make modifications to them.

Claire suggests personalised itineraries to the agent

3 The agent is free to customise trip options for the traveler

Claire is connected to all GDSs. The agent can easily create a PNR in the terminal and add it to the customer conversation in the Claire dashboard.

The agent has the option to add custom descriptions to each itinerary.

The agent is free to customise trip options for the traveler

4 The traveler receives beautiful itineraries in chat

The customer receives beautifully presented and personalised trip options that they can book right from the chat. No back and forth with the agent needed, unless the traveler wants to.

An unprecedented customer experience

Your travelers enjoy lightening fast assistance

Claire responds in less than one second

A personalised self-service experience they can find nowhere else

Claire learns your traveler's preferences and booking habits

Self-service and agent assistance become one consistent experience

Seamless handover between Claire and your agents

Boost agent productivity 5x

Free up 50% of your agents’ time

Automate their most repetitive tasks

Let your agents focus on building relationships

Enable them to excel with your high touch customers

Remain in control 100% of the time

Your agents oversee all of Claire’s conversations in real time

We make integrating easy

Embedded in your technology stack