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Why choose CLAIRE?


 Centralized Travel Policy

Set up and adjust travel policies with a few clicks. Claire supports different travel policies for different groups and automates pre-trip approval processes.

 Real Time analytics

Track how your team travels. Claire identifies inefficiencies and encourages positive behavior.

  Seamless Expensing

Enable your team to feed travel expenses seamlessly into your expense management system.

 Duty of Care

Know where your travelers are at any time. Claire automatically checks in with them in cases of emergency.

 Booking within seconds

Claire understands conversational text and knows your team’s travel policy as well as their preferences. Booking, rescheduling and canceling trips happens within seconds.

 Travel Perks

Claire automatically collects miles for your team and corporate loyalty points for your company. Additionally, there are hundreds of privately negotiated fares Claire has access to.

 24/7 personal travel assistant

Claire assesses risk of delay in advance, checks flight status and sends alerts, if action is needed.

 One click setup

Invite your team to Claire with a simple click - now you are good to go.

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