Cookie policy

Cookie policy

When you visit 30SecondsToFly or make use of our services you automatically receive one or more cookies. The primary purpose for our use of cookies is to ensure the optimal delivery of our services. In addition, we use third party cookies for statistics and to analyse user behaviour. This policy explains in more detail the types of cookies we use, the purposes for which we use them and how you can block and remove such cookies.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file, typically of letters and numbers, downloaded onto a device when the user accesses certain websites. Cookies are then sent back to originating website on each subsequent visit. Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognise a user’s web browser or device.

Blocking and removing cookies

Your browser may give you the ability to block or delete cookies should you wish to do so. Please see the ‘Help’ menu in your browser for further information. Please note that blocking all cookies will have a negative impact upon the usability of many websites, including our own. We, therefore, recommend that you permit the use of cookies when using our websites.

Our use of cookies

Cookies on our websites may be set by us, by third parties under contract with us, or by independent third parties such as advertisers.

Due to the continuous development of our website and software, the usage of cookies may vary from time to time. The following are a list fo cookies used, or intended to be used in the future.

Our site can make use of both ‘session’ and ‘persistent’ cookies. ‘Session’ cookies remember information from page to page for filtering and completing searches before being removed when you end your session. ‘Persistent’ cookies enable our websites to recognise you when you make return visits to us, and remain stored on your computer until deleted, or until they reach a specified expiry date. Persistent cookies placed on your computer as a result of your use of our websites will never be stored for longer than 2 years from the date of your last visit.
The table below sets out the various types of cookies we use or may use, why we (or relevant third parties) use them, and includes information you can use to control and learn more about the cookies used on our site.

Cookie Type


Why we use it and additional information

Essential cookies, as their name suggests, are vital to the proper functioning of the website. They enable us to remember your selections between pages, such as routes, dates and the number of travellers, meaning we can pass that information onto our booking partners without you ever having to re-enter it.

Performance/User Experience

We use cookies to make sure our website performs as it needs to, and to make sure the correct flight results are being delivered in accordance with your selections. We also use cookies to heighten your experience by recognising whether you are a first time visitor and remembering your preferences (such as language or currency type) and previous searches.


Optimisation cookies allow us to see and track anonymous use data such as click trends, so we can be certain the site offers you a consistently smooth, functional and pleasant experience.
We use third party service providers to assist us with optimisation. One such provider is Optimizely; for more information on what sort of information is stored by these cookies, please follow this link.


We also use cookies to monitor and understand more about how our websites and services are used and accessed, which in turn lets us optimise the user experience and build a website that suits the needs of our users and drive the direction of our business. We use Google Analytics who store cookies on your device to generate anonymous reports and statistics.
Google stores this information in accordance with their privacy policy.

Contacting Us

If you require further information about 30SecondsToFly or have any suggestions concerning how to improve 30SecondsToFly Services and/or 30SecondsToFly Platforms, please contact us here. Alternatively, you can write to us at 999 Skyway Rd #350, San Carlos, California, 94070 USA to the attention of our ‘General Counsel’.