Making the Best of Your Business Trip: Routines and Good Habits

Hitting the road on a business trip is a great way to break routine and see the beautiful things the world has to offer. Although, at times, business trips can be stressful, with juggling your daily responsibilities on top of travel inconveniences, they can be conquered with the right preparation and mindset. Whether it be […]

Embrace Adventure on Your Business Trip with an Iceland Stopover

“Go North. Go West. Go East and explore.” Andri Kristinsson, Travelade founder, connected with 30STF from the remote Icelandic highlands, as he trekked between isolated mountain huts. 30STF spoke with Kristinsson about how Travelade procures customizable itineraries to suit the savvy, millennial business traveler on their extended stopover to Iceland in addition to leisure travelers. […]

Are Japanese Capsule Hotels and Ryokan Inns Too Shocking for Western Business Travelers?

Picture Bill Murray in Sofia Coppola’s 2003 film Lost in Translation. Murray’s character, Bob, has traveled to Tokyo on business, and he spends most of his time between gigs at the hotel bar of the Park Hyatt Tokyo. Then, he takes a nighttime dip in the rooftop pool. Rinse. Repeat. Bob’s defining characteristic is that […]

How Airlines are Working to Win Back Your Trust

Let’s face it: flying freaks people out. We’re land creatures, for Christ’s sake! It’s unnatural. A story that rats out an airline for freaking people out even more unnecessarily, then, is the stuff of nightmares — the updated, real life Snakes on a Plane, this time called 2017. In it, you can be shoved, dragged, […]

Employee Autonomy: Finding the Right Balance Between Freedom and Compliance for Your Company’s Business Travels

You began your business with the hope that every member of your team would work passionately and diligently. Initially, your employees were dedicated and hard-working, eager to achieve a common goal. However, as your business grew, you began to notice a decline in productivity. Now, you feel as though some of your employees have lost […]

Flying Without a Laptop: How to Be Productive

With the recent developments in the laptop ban on flights to the U.S., business travelers are searching for ways to make use of their time in the air. In late March, the US department of Homeland Security decided to initiate the electronics ban on 10 airports flying out of the Middle East. This came because […]

How to Not Get Kicked Off a Plane this Summer

Remember being cooped up with your brothers or sisters in the back seat on a long road trip? Remember how fun, relaxed, and peaceful that was? It should come as no surprise that being on a plane, much like a sedan packed with three kids, two adults, and one bullmastiff, comes with the same hair-pulling […]

Travel Policies for Sales Employees

Writing an effective travel policy can be a difficult task, but when done correctly, it can save you and your company valuable time and money.  Making sure your employees know exactly what they can and cannot do, such as how to book flights and hotels, how much to spend on meals and client entertainment, and […]

Are Private Jet Services on the Verge of Disrupting the Business Travel Market?

Several incidents in 2017 have reduced consumer confidence in the North American legacy carriers. United Airlines forcibly removed an innocent passenger from a commercial flight to make room for company employees. Not to be outdone, an American Airlines steward struck a female passenger in the face with her stroller. Most recently, British Airways suffered a […]

The Internet of Things (IoT) Connects to Business Travel

The world is becoming more and more connected. It has become easier for the business traveler to not only work remotely through technological innovations that enable connection, such as Slack, Skype, and now, travel bots, but to also increase enjoyment of the physical act of traveling through the explosion of the internet of things, or […]