Switch between Auotpilot and Copilot mode

Claire operates in two different modes: Autopilot and Copilot. In Autopilot Claire takes care of the entire traveler interaction from start to finish. In Copilot mode she will select trip options for the traveler and send them to an agent for review before they are being sent to the traveler. For travelers that are using Claire in Copilot, you will have to review and approve Claire’s selected trip options every time a traveler runs a search.

You can set the default automation mode for the travelers of your corporate clients and travelers who are using Claire outside of the context of a corporate account. Log into the Chat Center and click on your name in the upper right corner of your screen to open the menu. Click on “Agency Settings” and the automation mode settings will appear on the main screen of your dashboard. If you want to switch from Copilot to Autopilot, or vice version, make sure to click the dark blue “Confirm” button that appears when you try to switch automation mode.

You can also override the default automation settings for a specific company or traveler. Go to the search bar on the top of your dashboard and type the name of the company or traveler you wish to change automation settings for. Make sure to select the right category in the drop down menu left of the search bar, select “Travelers” or “Companies”, depending on what you are searching for. Press enter and click on the traveler or company. This will open a panel, click on “User Status Settings” / “Company Status Settings”. This will open another panel where you can set the automation mode for that specific company or traveler. Make sure to click “Confirm” to confirm your selection.

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