How to assist your travelers in Copilot mode

Claire operates in two different modes: Autopilot and Copilot. In Autopilot Claire takes care of the entire traveler interaction from start to finish. In Copilot mode she will select trip options for the traveler and send them to an agent for review before they are being sent to the traveler. For travelers that are using Claire in Copilot, you will have to review and approve Claire’s selected trip options every time a traveler runs a search. 

When a traveler in Copilot is waiting for trip options to be reviewed and sent, the agents receive an email notification that their action is needed. Log into the Chat Center and open the red Agent Assist queue. The automation mode of the traveler is indicated along with their name. Hover over the traveler to see the blue “Assign to me” button appear. Click on “Assign to me”, the conversation will now open. At the bottom of the conversation field, to the right of the text input field is a small blue egg shaped icon. Click on this icon to see the flights Claire has selected for the traveler. Click on an itinerary to see the flight details. If you want to remove an itinerary from the basket, click “Delete” and confirm with “Yes”. If you want to add a flight to the basket, create a PNR in the GDS terminal. Then come back to the Chat Center, enter your country code, PCC and the PNR you want to import and click “Add new PNR”. The PNR is now added to the basket. Click “Send selected flights” in order to send the flight options to the user. The user can book the flights right away in their application. Please make sure, however, to cancel the imported PNR in case the user did not book it. At this point we do not auto-cancel imported PNRs.

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