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08 Jun What’s So Cool About Chatbots Anyway?

According to a recent survey, 44% of U.S. consumers would rather engage with a chatbot than with a human when it comes to customer relationship management. While businesses want to maintain good relationships with current customers and build lasting ones with new clients, almost one in...

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11 Aug Bina48: The Robot That Will Immortalize Your Personality

We are all subject to the human condition; we are vulnerable, emotional, and mortal. There is no escaping–at least not yet. Even so, technology is making great strides towards improving the way we live. The transhumanist movement aims to improve the human condition through developing...

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02 Aug Computational Creativity: The Potential of Narrative Intelligence

In the first segment of this two-part series on computational creativity, we described computational creativity as a multidisciplinary endeavor. Without the influence of fields such as psychology, cultural studies, and art, it is likely that creative artificial intelligence would not be possible. One of the...

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28 Jul The Ultimate Travel Bot List

The buzz around chatbots continues to grow. Want a digital personal shopping assistant who can deliver an anniversary gift to your spouse? There’s a bot for that. Want the weather forecast texted to you throughout the day? There’s a bot for that, too. Yet, there’s controversy...

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11 Jul The True Potential of Computational Creativity: Technology and Humanity

People tend to see artificial intelligence as a strictly technological scientific process. For those who specialize in the social sciences or humanities, artificial intelligence may seem irrelevant. This is not the case; artificial intelligence would be nothing without humanity and creativity. This is where computational...

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29 Jun Down the Rabbit Hole: Testing the Turing Test

Have you ever unknowingly spoken to someone who happened to be a computer? Take Scarlett Johansson’s character in Spike Jonze’s romantic drama Her (2013), for example. Theodore Twombly, played by Joaquin Phoenix, falls in love with an artificial intelligence on his phone, Samantha. If one...

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