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Stephen Hawking’s Impact and Predictions on AI

“Success in creating AI would be the biggest event in human history. Unfortunately, it might also be the last, unless we learn how to avoid the risks.” — Stephen Hawking Just last month we lost Stephen Hawking, arguably one of the most influential thinkers on AI in modern history. Even though he is no longer […]

Business Travel Personalization and Face Recognition: At What Cost?

“I think all you need is a face. This seems to be their big qualification.” — Jerry Seinfeld Imagine walking through the airport hands-free, never having to show ID to anyone. We’ve seen phones replace paper tickets, but the next step will be to eliminate the stop-and-check rigamarole that even the most safety conscious of […]

Self Driving Cars will change what it means to do business

If you are reading this as a representative of your company’s finance or HR team, you should realize the potential benefits of self-driving cars. Cut commuting costs, erase the annoying parts of air travel, expand retail stores’ revenues, and revolutionize deliveries. But how exactly does the innovation of self-driving cars factor into your growing business? […]

How Virtual Reality Will Change Corporate Travel

Virtual Reality Will Change Corporate Travel What is virtual reality Virtual reality (VR) is the next layer of the internet. A digital universe in which we can play, learn, explore, and interact. Except instead of the laws of physics or, you know, other humans getting in our way, we act in a world of 1s […]

Use travel analytics to impact Corporate Travel Policies

Advanced data collection tools are allowing companies to do some pretty amazing things. When it comes to corporate travel, particularly, tools are emerging that collect data about travelers’ expenses and spending habits—and some of those technologies, including our own product, Claire, can then recommend travel options for business travelers that suit their preferences and that […]

Automatic Translation Revolutionizing Travel

The world is getting smaller, businesses are getting bigger, and individuals are recognizing the value of looking abroad for talent, collaboration, and success. The past showed businesses dozens of reasons to stay domestic. Most of these reasons have been made irrelevant by ever-improving technology. Heavy tariffs lose relevancy in a digital world. High cost of […]

Chatbots: What They Are, and Where They’re Headed

On July 26, 2017, 30STF attended the Chatbot Growth and Engagement Roundtable in NYC, featuring 16 leaders of the AI and chatbot conversation. It was hosted by PluggedIn BD at the Cushman and Wakefield offices. — For the chatbot uninitiated, for those who have not attended the roundtable, the leading perception might be that chatbots […]

Corporate Travel Makes Big Gains with Big Data

  With almost 40% of all tour and activity bookings being made online, companies with an online presence are at an advantage in today’s travel industry. However, just having a presence isn’t enough. Companies also need to know their consumers — particularly, the online ones. According to findings published this year, 67% of smartphone users […]

Artificial Intelligence: The End of Cognitive Biases

Ready Player One, Ernest Cline’s first novel (soon to be adapted to film by Steven Spielberg), portrays a futuristic dystopian society who consumed all the energetic resources on earth and spends most of its time emerged in a Virtual Reality platform, the Oasis. Besides the brilliant references and tributes to the 80’s presented in the […]

How Voice AI is Changing our World

You put on the S-Town podcast to go for a run (John B is an addicting character). Ask Alexa to turn on Jay-Z’s new 4:44 album while you’re doing the dishes (hopefully you’ve got Tidal). Driving, walking, working. Music, podcasts, audiobooks. Any activity in our lives can be supplemented with a voice in our ear […]