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Business Travel Tips

How to Create a Travel Policy that Enhances Your Corporate Culture

Travel policies are an integral part of corporate culture. Your company’s values and principles define each travel policy decision–from selecting vendors and booking methods to controlling company card spending. When drafting an effective company travel policy, a travel manager is faced with many impactful decisions. Can top tier VPs fly first class, or must all […]

How to Get Fit, Fed and Refreshed on your London Business Trip

According to the most recent American Express Survey, London ranks as the top destination for United States business travelers. In fact, over 25 million business travelers visited London on assignment in 2016. Daily expenses in London decreased 15% from last year, which gives business travellers more latitude in choosing healthy dining, booking and lifestyle options […]

Business Travel Trends: Should You Do as the Millennials Do?

Eighty-one percent of Millennial business travelers say that “business travel has a positive impact on their job satisfaction.” That is, 81% of them are happier in their work lives because of business travel. How often do you hear that about business travel? Meeting new people, making the most of out-of-office time to experience new places, […]

30SecondsToFly Q&A with CEO, Malcolm Elvey

Why do so many travelers like Airbnb? The lodgings are unique. Booking a room or entire home is convenient and quick, and travelers can read reviews from previous occupants without having to click that pesky open-a-new-tab plus-sign at the top of their browser to venture over to another site to find comments and ratings. What […]

Generous or Not: Which Hotel Rewards Program is Right For New York City Business Travelers?

With more than 49 million people having visited the city to date, New York City is one of the most popular destinations for business and leisure travelers. For example, there are 280 hotels in New York City belonging to the Hotel Association of New York City—representing more than 80,000 rooms! As business travelers who frequents NYC, you […]

Top 10 Spots To Visit During a Short Business Trip in Tokyo

What is the first city you think of when you hear the words “East Asia”? Here is a hint: this East Asian city is mentioned in songs by artists from Bon Jovi and Fergie to Lupe Fiasco and Owl City. That’s right – Tokyo. With over 2 million foreign visitors to Japan in December 2016, […]

15 Tips for Managing Your Business Travel Expenses

Picture this: you’ve just gotten home from a five day long business trip where you met with demanding clients, attended multiple boring conference panels, and pretended to laugh at all your boss’s weird jokes. You’re exhausted, you have a headache, and you are definitely feeling queasy from that last resort plane food. When you finally […]

The Best Business Travel Tips to Upgrade Every Step of your Journey

Many people view business travel as one of the worst parts of their job. The stress of policy-compliant booking, tight packing, busy airports, and trying to squeeze a Macbook Pro between yourself and the reclined seat ahead of you without spilling a complimentary ginger ale on the snoring man in 16B can surely be overwhelming. […]

Aviation and Climate Change: Issues Both Environmentalists and Business Travelers Must Face

It is hard to imagine the business world without aviation. Every day, salesmen and CEOs alike use planes in order to explore international corporate opportunities. Aviation provides companies with greater mobility, accelerated transactions, as well as increases in competitiveness and productivity. We have become so accustomed to flying that we often forget to think about […]

Travel the World While you Keep Working: Digital Nomads and Co-Working Trends

Thanks to various developments in technology, going to the office every day to fulfill your obligations is not always necessary anymore. Many workers are beginning to work remotely—whether from home, the bakery across the street, or even while traveling in another country. And this trend is rising all around the globe. Just in the U.S., […]
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