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These TMCs use our A.I. to deliver an unprecendented customer experience at lower call center cost.

White labelled booking engine in native app integrated via API

Claire powers automated bookings in FCM’s native app SAM. Claire’s natural language processing (NLP) engine and her A.I. driven, personalised trip curation are integrated into SAM via our open API.

We have pre-trained Claire with their travelers’ booking history to make sure each traveler has a personalised self-service experience when they ask SAM for flight options. Claire continues to learn from each of their interactions and will soon know them better than their agents!

White labelled chat automations in native app integrated via iFrame

Adelman has added Claire to their native app Ava. Ava now has automated chat capabilities and frees up Adelman’s agents from their most repetitive traveler interactions. She chats with travelers, gathers their booking parameters and makes personalised flight suggestions. Travelers can book Ava’s personalised trip options directly in the chat.

Adelman’s agents are using our omni-channel agent tool to assist their travelers in a perfect symbiosis with Ava’s A.I. powered conversations. The seamless A.I.-to-agent handover delivers a superior customer experience that is perfectly consistent between self-service and agent assistance.

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Full SMB travel management suite with A.I. powered booking engine

The Air Travel Group has implemented Claire’s full travel management suite built for small and mid-sized businesses. Their SMB clients use Claire’s Control Centre to manage their travelers, set payment options and travel policies. The travelers of their SMB clients chat with Claire to book their flights and hotels using our innovative chat-based trip approval flows.

And The Air Travel Group’s agents use Claire’s omni-channel agent tool to assist their travelers on web chat, SMS and Slack.

Thanks to Claire, their smaller corporate clients have a simple and easily deployable travel management tool that brings consumer-grade usability to their travelers and encourages them to stay within their lightly managed program.

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