The travel industry is suffering from COVID-19. We want to help.

We are offering our technology at minimum possible cost to all airlines fighting with insurmountable call center queues.

Reduce helpline call volume and hold times

Allow customers to queue via chat and let A.I. handle the groundwork
The travel industry is suffering from COVID-19. We want to help.

Keep your travelers from calling in

Travelers get regular updates on their position in the queue and estimated waiting time. When an agent is free, they get a push notification, so they can go on with their day in the meantime

Help your agents be twice as fast

Use our Chat Center to chat with travelers on Facebook. Asynchronous conversations allow for maximum efficiency
Help your agents be twice as fast

Free your agents from doing the groundwork

Natural language processing prepares each case. Agents don’t have to ask travelers for their information instead, they go straight to solving the case

COVID-19 has hit our industry the hardest

We are facing extraordinary times. We were forced to take difficult decisions ourselves in cutting expenses and letting go of our highly valued staff. We had to move countries within hours while facing a plethora of uncertainties. Waiting on hold at the phone for hours with airline call centers posed additional stress we wish we could have avoided.

We have a solution and we want to give as much help as we can.

Our technology already streamlines the call centers of the biggest travel management companies worldwide. A big part of it can be used by airlines to avoid having travelers waiting for hours on hold.

COVID-19 may be scary but it might also be a valuable nudge to come closer together as an industry and help each other in times of need.

We’ve decided to make our technology available to airlines at minimum possible cost, waiving all fees for 3 months.


Easy and quick implementation within 8 days*

Key is to act fast. Every step of the implementation can be easily done by a remote member of your team. For 3 months we will charge just enough to cover 3rd party expenses, e.g. server costs.
*first come first serve



Set up a Facebook page for COVID-19 support and add our CTO as admin of the page. Provide us with your logo if you want us to white label our technology for you.



We will create your Claire environment, link it to your Facebook page and provide you with the URLs to access the technology. There are no integrations needed from your tech team.



Designate a team of agents to service travelers through the Claire Chat Center. We’ll train your agents remotely on the technology. Within an hour they are ready to assist your travelers via chat.



Let your travelers know that they don’t have to call in anymore to get personal assistance. Add the message to your helpline website and play a recording while they are waiting on hold at the phone.