Your A.I. Travel Manager

Claire streamlines business travel for you and your team

Hi Claire, I need to fly from SFO to LA Mon next week and arrive before 10am, business class please
Sure, just a moment, I’m curating your flights

Claire is a corporate travel management solution powered by artificial intelligence.
Claire opens up a revolutionary new way for small and mid-sized companies to manage their corporate travel smartly.

Claire books and tracks travel for SMBs

It is difficult for management to lower travel expenses systematically when their employees are booking their business trips on multiple different websites.

Claire is not just software, she is your ally

Claire is the first travel management tool built for small and mid-sized businesses that offers great usability to travelers while allowing management to easily track and analyse their travel expenses. Claire’s Travel Management Dashboard offers a variety of features to help decision makers control travel spend and oversee travel itineraries.

Get started in less than 30 minutes

Setting up Claire is easy and fast. Management can create an enterprise account and set up simple travel guidelines in less than 30 minutes. From there, Claire is ready to book and track travel for the team.

Claire books and tracks travel for SMBs

Understand how your team spends

Claire analyses travel spend, booking behavior and savings

Claire books and tracks travel for SMBs

Reduce your travel expenses

Claire lets you set travel policies. She applies them when she books travel for your team

Reduce your travel expenses

Save your team’s valuable time

Claire chats with your employees to book, change and cancel their trips so they can focus on work.

Reduce yourtravel expenses

Make sure your employees are happy

Claire learns their preferences and curates a shortlist of their favorite, policy compliant flights

Reduce yourtravel expenses

Support your team during travel

Claire sends alerts and finds solutions when flights are missed or delayed

Support your team during travel

The Power of Artificial Intelligence

Our proprietary artificial intelligence technology allows us to resolve corporate travel management issues in the most efficient way possible. A new and unprecedented level of automation allows us to bring travel expertise to your company without incurring the high cost or cumbersome setup of a travel agency.

Claire adapts to your needs

Claire is built with machine learning algorithms that let her dynamically adapt to the needs of your company and your team. Claire will help you keep your travelers happy while taking control of corporate travel spend.

A new kind of travel management

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