3 Unintended Consequences of Trump’s Travel Ban for Business Travelers

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on December 1, 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. While Trump’s executive order signed in the beginning of this year specifically targeted Middle Eastern countries (and since come to include other supposedly questionable countries), many corporate travelers are getting caught up in the political crossfire, […]

How Virtual Reality Will Change Corporate Travel

Virtual Reality Will Change Corporate Travel What is virtual reality Virtual reality (VR) is the next layer of the internet. A digital universe in which we can play, learn, explore, and interact. Except instead of the laws of physics or, you know, other humans getting in our way, we act in a world of 1s […]

Use travel analytics to impact Corporate Travel Policies

Advanced data collection tools are allowing companies to do some pretty amazing things. When it comes to corporate travel, particularly, tools are emerging that collect data about travelers’ expenses and spending habits—and some of those technologies, including our own product, Claire, can then recommend travel options for business travelers that suit their preferences and that […]

Automatic Translation Revolutionizing Travel

The world is getting smaller, businesses are getting bigger, and individuals are recognizing the value of looking abroad for talent, collaboration, and success. The past showed businesses dozens of reasons to stay domestic. Most of these reasons have been made irrelevant by ever-improving technology. Heavy tariffs lose relevancy in a digital world. High cost of […]

Chatbots: What They Are, and Where They’re Headed

On July 26, 2017, 30STF attended the Chatbot Growth and Engagement Roundtable in NYC, featuring 16 leaders of the AI and chatbot conversation. It was hosted by PluggedIn BD at the Cushman and Wakefield offices. — For the chatbot uninitiated, for those who have not attended the roundtable, the leading perception might be that chatbots […]

Corporate Travel Makes Big Gains with Big Data

  With almost 40% of all tour and activity bookings being made online, companies with an online presence are at an advantage in today’s travel industry. However, just having a presence isn’t enough. Companies also need to know their consumers — particularly, the online ones. According to findings published this year, 67% of smartphone users […]

The Psychology of Corporate Collaboration

One of the biggest perks of the Homo Sapiens’ social nature has been the ability to move to different territories all around the globe. A lot has changed since our ancestors left Africa to populate Eurasia, Australia, and the Americas but there’s one immutable trait that we still share with them: we still tend to […]

Travel Cash-Free with AI Empowered TokenCash by Everex

“Money is just a number in a database.” – Elon Musk Alexi Lane, CEO and Founder of Everex, connected with 30SecondsToFly from his headquarters in Bangkok, just days after completing a successful ICO, to discuss revolutionizing the financial services industry. 30STF spoke with Lane about creating borderless transactions for everyone, including some game-changing benefits for […]

What You Need to Know for your NYC Business Trip

Ahh, New York City. The home of Sinatra, the championship collecting Yankees, and the $1 slice of pizza. You’re about to step foot in what millions have called “The Capital of the World.” Last year, a record 49 million people came to visit New York, spending a combined $31.4 billion in their time here. As […]

Big Data is Going to Personalize your Travel Experience

This article is based on Adriel Lubarsky’s interview with Samantha Ruiz on Adriel’s Curious City podcast (listen on iTunes, Soundcloud, or any podcasting app). Companies didn’t know what to do with all that data For decades, technology has not kept up with business needs. Now, with the emergence of big data, that is changing. The […]