Set up a new travel management account for a corporate client in the Admin Control Panel

If you want to put a new corporate client on the Claire tool, you’ll need to create an account for them in the Admin Control Panel. In the Admin Control Panel you can manage their travelers, travel policies and reporting. Just hand the account to the client, if they want to manage their travel themselves. Your TMC has a specific signup link to create a new account for a corporate client in the Admin Control Panel. We have sent you this URL by email or, if we have a common Slack workspace, you can find it in the channel #importanturls.

Copy paste the URL into your browser and open the web page. Input the companies details and go through the signup flow. In the last step you’ll be asked, if you want to sign up as a traveler as well. As an admin you won’t be able to access the Claire booking app. If you want to do so, please create a traveler account. If not, click “Sign Up As Admin Only” – and you’re all set to start managing travel for your corporate client.

Felicia Schneiderhan

Felicia wears many hats. She is cofounder and CEO at 30SecondstoFly with a background in economics and journalism. She is savvy in all things media and a passionate communicator. Before founding 30STF she invented a new hair styling tool for which she built a supply chain from China to Lithuania. Felicia loves to explore and is an incurable travel addict.

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