Set up a new agent account for the Chat Center

Your TMC has a specific signup link that your agents use to create a new account in the Chat Center. We have sent you this URL by email or, if we have a common Slack workspace, you can find it in the channel #importanturls.

Copy paste the URL into your browser and open the web page. Input your details and click “Create Account” – and you’re all set to start chatting with and assisting your travelers.

Felicia Schneiderhan

Felicia wears many hats. She is cofounder and CEO at 30SecondstoFly with a background in economics and journalism. She is savvy in all things media and a passionate communicator. Before founding 30STF she invented a new hair styling tool for which she built a supply chain from China to Lithuania. Felicia loves to explore and is an incurable travel addict.

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