10 Devices That Will Make Your Business Trip Easier

When it comes to business travel, technology has promoted the creation of convenient devices that can make your life easier. In this article, you will find 10 of the most outstanding trends in the travel device market, so that you can make a smart decision for your next trip.



1. Shirt Shuttle: Keeping a shirt clean and crease-free when you travel is not an easy task. Patrona, the up-and-coming English design and production brand, developed an innovative case that protects your clothes when you are on business travel, cycling to work, or even going to the gym. Its compact design makes it easy to fit in any bag; it is crush-proof and light. What else do you need?



2. Innocube: This small, portable cube allows you to project your videos or images everywhere you go. Lighter than a smartphone, the device developed by South Korean company Innoio, has about a 90-minute battery life and permits you to project a screen from 30 to 100 inches, with quality good enough to have conference calls. Different from others, this device is not wireless; it requires a cable to connect to your phone, tablet and laptop to be able to make the projection. Apart from that, the cube is really easy to use and carry wherever you want.


33. Travel Bag: When it comes to packing, this clothing roll-up designed by Rolo is ideal for a business trip. Founders Cheryl and Ben came to the idea for the travel bag during a trip to Europe, where their least favorite part of the day was packing and unpacking. With their roll-up travel bag, you just have to organize your clothes as if the bag was a closet, and then compress it up into a portable, easy-to-carry roll. The device is lightweight; it allows you to pack up to 4 days of clothing; and it  has a hook so that you can hang it as soon as you arrive. Perfect for minimalist travelers.



4. Bamboo Spark: This digital journal allows you to write and draw anything you want with its smart pen, and you can either save it to the cloud or to your pc, for further editing. Wacom, the japanese design company, developed this innovative notepad to make your life easier. Just download the app for your iPad or iPhone, and you will have all your notes wherever you need them.



5. Jetpack 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot: Verizon developed this portable hotspot with fast and reliable wi-fi anywhere in the world. It has a battery life of about 24 hours, it can connect up to 15 devices, and it can even be used to charge your phone with a USB port. The device is user-friendly and very secure, which makes it the best option when travelling on business because you will never be disconnected.



6. Juice Pack H2Pro: Always having battery on your phone is a necessity for smart travelers, which is why charging cases have become so popular in the last few years. Mophie went beyond, with the creation of a case that not only charges your phone to 100%, but is also waterproof and exceeds military standards for protection against vibrations and drops. Currently, it is only compatible with iPhone 6 (Plus and s versions).




7. Travel RockStar: The American brand,  Belkin, created this incredible device, mixing a Battery pack, a charger and a surge, all-in-one. It includes a built-in powerful battery, a 2A USB port for charging, dual-outlet charging when connected to AC, surge protection for connected devices and a 2 year limited warranty—all features that make it a great option for business travelers.




8. Portable Organizer: Knomo, the English bag designer, developed this case where you can organize your most important business travel items. Available in Mini and Air size, it has space for an 8 or 10 inch tablet, respectively, your passport, business and credit cards, and even your spare cash. It also comes with straps to hold a pen, USB, and your different cables, and it is resistant and protective.  You will have everything you need in one place.




9. Pluggage: This smart suitcase developed by Delsey includes a variety of features that can be accessed through the app.  These include: fingerprint ID to lock and unlock the bag, auto weight, interior lighting system, inside speaker, notifications when your bag is loaded into the plane, instant battery reload, and flight info including weather forecast and trip planning for your destination.




1010. Bluesmart Carry-on: Bluesmart was created “to empower travelers by helping them stay connected and worry-free in a tech savvy and design-forward way.” This international-sized bag  has GPS and Bluetooth so you can track its location through a mobile app in your phone. It also has an internal scale that tells you the weight after packing. It has an exterior pocket for easy access to your laptop, and a built-in charger for different devices. You can secure your bag with an automatic lock, and it will alert you when you leave it behind. More than a suitcase, it is your personal travel assistant and “a great fit for frequent travelers that want a seamless travel experience.”


Each of these items can help you make the most of your next business trip. Now, it’s your turn to pick the right fit for you.

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