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10 Feb 30SecondsToFly Q&A with CEO, Malcolm Elvey

Why do so many travelers like Airbnb? The lodgings are unique. Booking a room or entire home is convenient and quick, and travelers can read reviews from previous occupants without having to click that pesky open-a-new-tab plus-sign at the top of their browser to venture...

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05 Jan 15 Tips for Managing Your Business Travel Expenses

Picture this: you’ve just gotten home from a five day long business trip where you met with demanding clients, attended multiple boring conference panels, and pretended to laugh at all your boss’s weird jokes. You’re exhausted, you have a headache, and you are definitely feeling...

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18 Jul Transcontinental Airline Trends: Exciting Ways to Travel for Business

When we travel for business, saving money is often of paramount importance. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always equate with a comfortable or exciting experience. Luckily, some organizations are focusing on making transcontinental business travel a more engaging– and even lavish–experience. Icelandair’s Stopover Buddy program, American Airlines’...

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13 Jul What Business Travelers Need to Know About Zika

Concerns about the Zika virus continue to grow. In February of this year, members of the World Health Organization declared Zika a public health emergency of international concern. While the virus was discovered almost 70 years ago, and outbreaks have been recorded in the past,...

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22 Jun 5 Best Lunch Spots in Manhattan for Business Travelers

When you’re traveling to New York City for your next business trip, what better way could you find to experience a New Yorker’s life other than stopping by a food spot favored by New Yorkers? Whether you are looking for a delicious, quick power lunch...

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