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Why the False Missile Alarms Should be Alarming for Business Travelers

For growing business travel programs, safety reigns supreme as a concern, even more than the success of the company. As a frequent traveler for business and leisure, there is always stress about venturing into the unknown and entering situations where you are vulnerable. Many business travelers take precautionary steps like printing copies of their passport, […]

3 Unintended Consequences of Trump’s Travel Ban for Business Travelers

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on December 1, 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. While Trump’s executive order signed in the beginning of this year specifically targeted Middle Eastern countries (and since come to include other supposedly questionable countries), many corporate travelers are getting caught up in the political crossfire, […]

What You Need to Know for your NYC Business Trip

Ahh, New York City. The home of Sinatra, the championship collecting Yankees, and the $1 slice of pizza. You’re about to step foot in what millions have called “The Capital of the World.” Last year, a record 49 million people came to visit New York, spending a combined $31.4 billion in their time here. As […]

Big Data is Going to Personalize your Travel Experience

This article is based on Adriel Lubarsky’s interview with Samantha Ruiz on Adriel’s Curious City podcast (listen on iTunes, Soundcloud, or any podcasting app). Companies didn’t know what to do with all that data For decades, technology has not kept up with business needs. Now, with the emergence of big data, that is changing. The […]

What To Do When You Get Sick or Injured on a Work Trip

Let’s face it: Business travel can be stressful. You have a lot to worry about: cramming your best suit and toiletries into a tiny carry-on; making last-minute changes to your slide deck on a flight that has spotty Wi-Fi; missed connections; communicating to a cab driver who speaks a different language; missing your kid’s soccer […]

Say Goodbye to Jet Lag with These Helpful Tips

No matter what class you fly, or how comfortable your seating arrangements are, air travel will inevitably cause fatigue, popularly known as jet lag. Crossing time zones has a negative impact on our bodies which, in some cases, impedes us from functioning at the top of our abilities. The good thing is that there are […]

How to Save Money on a Business Trip: Smart and Productive Traveling

Travel expenses can be one of the biggest worries for businesses, especially small businesses. With the changing economy and fluctuating prices of airfare, hotels, and rental services, the need to reevaluate business travel expenses is high. Cutting down on costs can be done without having to sacrifice comfort and reliability. Focusing on the highest, and […]

Making the Best of Your Business Trip: Routines and Good Habits

Hitting the road on a business trip is a great way to break routine and see the beautiful things the world has to offer. Although, at times, business trips can be stressful, with juggling your daily responsibilities on top of travel inconveniences, they can be conquered with the right preparation and mindset. Whether it be […]

Embrace Adventure on Your Business Trip with an Iceland Stopover

“Go North. Go West. Go East and explore.” Andri Kristinsson, Travelade founder, connected with 30STF from the remote Icelandic highlands, as he trekked between isolated mountain huts. 30STF spoke with Kristinsson about how Travelade procures customizable itineraries to suit the savvy, millennial business traveler on their extended stopover to Iceland in addition to leisure travelers. […]

Are Japanese Capsule Hotels and Ryokan Inns Too Shocking for Western Business Travelers?

Picture Bill Murray in Sofia Coppola’s 2003 film Lost in Translation. Murray’s character, Bob, has traveled to Tokyo on business, and he spends most of his time between gigs at the hotel bar of the Park Hyatt Tokyo. Then, he takes a nighttime dip in the rooftop pool. Rinse. Repeat. Bob’s defining characteristic is that […]
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