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23 May How to Command Your Company’s Duty of Care Overseas

In the 2015 film Spy, directed by Paul Feig, Melissa McCarthy plays a CIA analyst who supports Jude Law on his espionage missions. Although she’s not out in the field with him, McCarthy’s character (Susan Cooper) is connected to Jude Law (Bradley Fine) via tiny...

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21 May The Art of Establishing Business Relationships in China

We are all aware of the growing importance and influence of China in business, today. The coastal cities have seen incredibly rapid urbanization in the past decade, translating into a rise in discretionary income and thus, an explosion of growth in their consumer markets. However, with the maturation of urban cities' markets, companies have been moving towards the nation's value market, commonly referred to as rural China. Rural is used as a loose term and addresses cities with GDPs below 67 billion USD. Together, these cities earn approximately 10 trillion USD in income, but it doesn't stop there; this segment is rapidly climbing the income ladder, meaning more purchasing power and opportunity for businesses. China was expected, by the Global Travel Association, "the world’s most dominant business travel market last year", surpassing the USA. This rapid growth means that the future of business cannot ignore the growing relevance of China and its billion consumers. Reaching them, on the other hand, is a mountainous challenge corporations must overcome. The landscape of relationships and networking in China is drastically different from what we are familiar with
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05 May How to Create a Travel Policy that Enhances Your Corporate Culture

Travel policies are an integral part of corporate culture. Your company’s values and principles define each travel policy decision–from selecting vendors and booking methods to controlling company card spending. When drafting an effective company travel policy, a travel manager is faced with many impactful decisions. Can...

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17 Apr How to Get Fit, Fed and Refreshed on your London Business Trip

According to the most recent American Express Survey, London ranks as the top destination for United States business travelers. In fact, over 25 million business travelers visited London on assignment in 2016. Daily expenses in London decreased 15% from last year, which gives business travellers...

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10 Mar Business Travel Trends: Should You Do as the Millennials Do?

Eighty-one percent of Millennial business travelers say that “business travel has a positive impact on their job satisfaction.” That is, 81% of them are happier in their work lives because of business travel. How often do you hear that about business travel? Meeting new people,...

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10 Feb 30SecondsToFly Q&A with CEO, Malcolm Elvey

Why do so many travelers like Airbnb? The lodgings are unique. Booking a room or entire home is convenient and quick, and travelers can read reviews from previous occupants without having to click that pesky open-a-new-tab plus-sign at the top of their browser to venture...

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05 Jan 15 Tips for Managing Your Business Travel Expenses

Picture this: you’ve just gotten home from a five day long business trip where you met with demanding clients, attended multiple boring conference panels, and pretended to laugh at all your boss’s weird jokes. You’re exhausted, you have a headache, and you are definitely feeling...

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