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17 Apr How to Get Fit, Fed and Refreshed on your London Business Trip

According to the most recent American Express Survey, London ranks as the top destination for United States business travelers. In fact, over 25 million business travelers visited London on assignment in 2016. Daily expenses in London decreased 15% from last year, which gives business travellers...

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10 Mar Business Travel Trends: Should You Do as the Millennials Do?

Eighty-one percent of Millennial business travelers say that “business travel has a positive impact on their job satisfaction.” That is, 81% of them are happier in their work lives because of business travel. How often do you hear that about business travel? Meeting new people,...

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10 Feb 30SecondsToFly Q&A with CEO, Malcolm Elvey

Why do so many travelers like Airbnb? The lodgings are unique. Booking a room or entire home is convenient and quick, and travelers can read reviews from previous occupants without having to click that pesky open-a-new-tab plus-sign at the top of their browser to venture...

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05 Jan 15 Tips for Managing Your Business Travel Expenses

Picture this: you’ve just gotten home from a five day long business trip where you met with demanding clients, attended multiple boring conference panels, and pretended to laugh at all your boss’s weird jokes. You’re exhausted, you have a headache, and you are definitely feeling...

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18 Jul Transcontinental Airline Trends: Exciting Ways to Travel for Business

When we travel for business, saving money is often of paramount importance. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always equate with a comfortable or exciting experience. Luckily, some organizations are focusing on making transcontinental business travel a more engaging– and even lavish–experience. Icelandair’s Stopover Buddy program, American Airlines’...

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