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19 Oct Travel Policy Template

It’s important for companies, big or small, to have clear travel policies because these policies can save the company money and keep travelers safe. We’ve created a template that will help you do just that.

The 30SecondsToFly travel policy template will help your business create a travel policy that will make travel booking, spending, and reimbursement processes clear and organized. With this straight-forward template, employees will quickly learn how to properly manage and record their travel expenses.

We know that each company is unique, and every business must tailor their travel policy to their specific needs. However, this template provides some clear guidelines that will help keep traveling procedures organized and focused. We’ve created text, in blue, for companies to insert their own language and preferences.

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Travel Policy Template Content:

Corporate Travel Policy Template Introduction

  • “… Following these policies helps keep you safe, helps our company save money, and ensures a streamlined process. Once you understand how the policy works, it’s easy to follow. …”

Expense Categories

  • “… For all expense categories, employees should book travel or incur other costs at the lowest price that reasonably meets the employee’s business travel needs. …”

Non-Reimbursable Items

  • “… The following expenses incurred by the business traveler will not be reimbursed by the company. …”

Expense Reporting & Reimbursement Process

  • “… [Company] will reimburse travelers for reasonable expenses (as outlined in this policy) that are incurred during pre-approved business travel. …”

Traveler Safety

  • “… Please supply your Approving Manager with emergency contact numbers of your friends or family members prior to your trip. Please also provide us with the name of your hotel and your itinerary prior to traveling. …”

Emma Callen

Emma has always loved to write. She recently graduated Colorado College with a B.A. in English and Creative Writing. In her free time, Emma loves to read and write poetry, listen to music, and hike.

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