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The Psychology of Corporate Collaboration

One of the biggest perks of the Homo Sapiens’ social nature has been the ability to move to different territories all around the globe. A lot has changed since our ancestors left Africa to populate Eurasia, Australia, and the Americas but there’s one immutable trait that we still share with them: we still tend to […]

Metrics for Travel – Vanity Vs Actionable: Which to Use and How to Understand Them

In a world driven by big data and statistics, business analytics is one of the biggest areas of focus for those looking to improve their brand. Adjacent to this pile of numbers is another labeled “Travel Analytics.” While one side of the business world is worrying about where and how they can do better, their […]

Small Businesses Can Bridge the Budget Gap with Travel Analytics

“The future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed.” William Gibson, Science Fiction Author Multinational companies outsource their travel procurement to specialized travel management companies. So how can small businesses and fledgling travel programs operate as efficiently as these global companies with hefty travel budgets and specialized affiliates? The answer is to […]

Attract the Hottest Talent with Remote Year

“There’s a whole generation with a new explanation. People in motion, people in motion” – Scott McKenzie 1967, San Francisco Greg Caplan, Remote Year founder, connected with 30STF from his new co-working space on the beaches of Split, Croatia. Remote Year assembles hundreds of professionals for a year-long journey to work, travel, and live in 12 different […]

Employee Autonomy: Finding the Right Balance Between Freedom and Compliance for Your Company’s Business Travels

You began your business with the hope that every member of your team would work passionately and diligently. Initially, your employees were dedicated and hard-working, eager to achieve a common goal. However, as your business grew, you began to notice a decline in productivity. Now, you feel as though some of your employees have lost […]

Travel Policies for Sales Employees

Writing an effective travel policy can be a difficult task, but when done correctly, it can save you and your company valuable time and money.  Making sure your employees know exactly what they can and cannot do, such as how to book flights and hotels, how much to spend on meals and client entertainment, and […]

Communicating With Employees Who Frequently Violate Travel Policy

So you have a few problem employees, who (no matter how many times you remind them before their business trips) frequently violate company travel policy. They are starting to run out of chances before other parties or management get involved. As a corporate travel manager, you want to avoid that next level of action, if […]

How to Negotiate Great Corporate Travel Deals for Your Small or Medium-Sized Business (SMB)

“In business, as in life, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.” -Chester L. Karrass, chairman of Karrass, the world’s largest negotiating training organization. Corporate travel is here to stay and consequently, so is travel negotiation. Yet, most businesses find it complex if not challenging to get great deals out of […]

Successfully Communicating Travel Policy

Everybody talks. Making sure you’re really being heard? Another story entirely. A new study released by the Global Business Travel Association (GTBA) shows that the numbers don’t lie: there’s a serious communication gap between business travelers and their managers when it comes to travel policy. Research from the GTBA reveals huge gaps between when managers […]

Small Business Travel: The Complete Guide

Travel is an effective way for businesses to acquire new clients and investors– nothing is more impactful than meeting face to face with a potential client. Large companies are often well-equipped for traveling; they have a uniform procedure and enough money to support their employees. Yet, for small businesses, travel can become overwhelming and unorganized. […]
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