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25 Jan Successfully Communicating Travel Policy

Everybody talks. Making sure you’re really being heard? Another story entirely. A new study released by the Global Business Travel Association (GTBA) shows that the numbers don’t lie: there’s a serious communication gap between business travelers and their managers when it comes to travel policy. Research...

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18 Jan Small Business Travel: The Complete Guide

Travel is an effective way for businesses to acquire new clients and investors– nothing is more impactful than meeting face to face with a potential client. Large companies are often well-equipped for traveling; they have a uniform procedure and enough money to support their employees....

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11 Jan How to Use Incentives to Boost Travel Policy Compliance

Most companies set their corporate travel budgets higher than they need to. Why? For one, there must be enough room in the annual budget to anticipate changes in the economy throughout the year, as well as fluctuations in the costs of airline tickets, hotel rooms, and...

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04 Jan The Pros and Cons of Corporate Booking Tools

In this digital age, it’s as easy as ever to buy that new sweater, order that birthday present for a friend, or book that vacation flight to Bermuda. So why can’t the same be true when it comes to business travel management? There are numerous...

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22 Nov Corporate Travel Management Solutions

Despite the snooze-worthy technical jargon associated with corporate travel management, it is an essential part of any business that involves travel. Investing in management solutions that efficiently organize and manage your employees’ travel saves your company time, money, and contributes significantly to both client and...

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02 Nov Tips for Travel Managers to Rock Negotiations with Airlines

Negotiating airfare rates is getting harder every day. Factors like rising taxes and oil prices, increasing unification of airlines, and the strengthening of the online customer make the travel industry a constantly changing environment. Helping businesses through privileged access to travel suppliers and established partnerships,...

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