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Artificial Intelligence

Game of Thrones: Winter is Here (and it brought a Chatbot)

The GoTBot is a new example of how the creative industry is using Artificial Intelligence to improve the content of its products. Netflix, for example, may be using data from their 98.75 subscribers worldwide to make creative decisions. As Artificial Intelligence evolves, its everyday applications become more and more a competitive advantage for businesses. It […]

Artificial Intelligence, Making Your Life Easier

Artificial intelligence has become one of the sexiest buzzwords in tech right now. It’s thrown around like confetti at conferences, new start-up pitches, and articles like this one. But what is AI really? Where is it going? And how will it transform businesses through its integration into chatbots? There are many different definitions that have […]

What’s So Cool About Chatbots Anyway?

According to a recent survey, 44% of U.S. consumers would rather engage with a chatbot than with a human when it comes to customer relationship management. While businesses want to maintain good relationships with current customers and build lasting ones with new clients, almost one in two of those customers (old and new) would pass […]

30SecondsToFly Q&A with Dimon CEO and Co-Founder, Eran Bernstein

Have you ever experienced a failing bot? You know, everything’s going well and then you just hit a big “Grumble. Ugh! Technology!” wall?   Though Bot1234 (pictured above) could be mistaken for an assistant who knows me too well, it is clearly not doing its job if I’m in a crunch. It is useless to me, […]

7 Tips for Creating a Travel Bot That Travelers Will Actually Want to Use

There’s no denying that there’s a lot of hype around chatbots right now. Even though the rise of the chatbots is apparently in full swing, chatbots are not really new. Surely, you’ve been on a website and attempted to converse with the automated customer service agent who pops up. Here I am talking to Julie, […]

Bina48: The Robot That Will Immortalize Your Personality

We are all subject to the human condition; we are vulnerable, emotional, and mortal. There is no escaping–at least not yet. Even so, technology is making great strides towards improving the way we live. The transhumanist movement aims to improve the human condition through developing technological immortality. The biotechnologist and entrepreneur Dr. Martine Rothblatt is […]

The Ultimate A.I. Kill List – Will your career make it out alive?

Based on data compiled by global firms and studies conducted at renowned universities, it is predicted that countless blue-collar and white-collar careers that have been around for decades are now at risk of being fully automated before 2035. Here, we have compiled an A(I) to Z list of careers in danger and the A.I.s out to […]

The True Potential of Computational Creativity: Technology and Humanity

People tend to see artificial intelligence as a strictly technological scientific process. For those who specialize in the social sciences or humanities, artificial intelligence may seem irrelevant. This is not the case; artificial intelligence would be nothing without humanity and creativity. This is where computational creativity comes in. According to the Computational Creativity Conference Steering […]

Artificial Intelligence Keeps Evolving: The Introduction of Emotional Intelligence

Even though we are social animals, managing relationships is not an easy task. Everyday interactions with people around us can become tricky as stress, anger, exhaustion, and other emotions start affecting the way we and others react to different situations. The inability to correctly “read” other people and understand how we should treat them causes […]

Down the Rabbit Hole: Testing the Turing Test

Have you ever unknowingly spoken to someone who happened to be a computer? Take Scarlett Johansson’s character in Spike Jonze’s romantic drama Her (2013), for example. Theodore Twombly, played by Joaquin Phoenix, falls in love with an artificial intelligence on his phone, Samantha. If one were to just listen to the audio, it would seem […]
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